The journey into the world of wine is quite colorful and interesting. However, finding good wine for newcomers is not easy. Especially when the wine industry is thriving. With thousands being released each year. Still, there are ways to choose good wines based on a few tips. Below, EBC will give you a few easy tips. Even just entering the wine world, you will not be surprised.

I. Choose and determine the right use of wine

Not just wine but for many items. When deciding to buy, you also need to have a clear purpose. There are two scenarios below you should keep in mind:

1. Case 1: Buy for personal use.

You must consider who to drink with, where to drink, and what occasion to drink to choose accordingly.

If you want to please your friends or family in a large party. And mixing well with food is not your main goal. Consider choosing a good red wine as well as preparing a bottle of white wine.

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Because alcohol preferences are very subjective, and many people have more palates. So choosing like that easily satisfied many people. You can also opt for wines that are moderate in sweetness, acidity and body. The more balanced the flavor of the wine, the more likely it is to attract more of your guests.

You also need to know what kind of wine is good if you need to choose for a large wine party.

2. Case 2: Buy for donation

If it’s a free wine, you need to consider even more

If you are going to buy wine as a donation, you will have to consider even more. One is the recipients and the second is about their wine connoisseur. Wouldn’t it be nice if you gave a cheap wine connoisseur partner. And it would be a waste if you spend a lot of money buying expensive wine for new people to learn about wine.

II. Which country should you choose wine from?

Because wine can be made from many countries. With each country there are different styles and flavors. So you will have a lot of difficulty in choosing a good wine without knowledge.

Worldwide wines are divided into two main styles. These are Old World Wine and New World Wine.

For Old World Wine, wine is produced from countries such as France, Italy, Germany, … and is made in traditional style. Therefore, this style wine is quite complex and fussy about its users. Customers who love easy-to-drink, simple wines often find it difficult to follow this line. You need wine knowledge to easily enjoy this wine.

However, to reach many customers. Today, the Old World Wine countries have also released many delicious and cheap wine products. So knowing what kind of good French wine and good Italian wine will assist you in choosing good wines.

Chilean wines, American wines, Australian or South African wines are representative of the New World Wine style. This style focuses on the taste of the wine bottle so it is suitable for beginners. You do not need a lot of wine knowledge to easily enjoy this line.

III. Choose what kind of wine is suitable

Though the red wines are usually the most loved. And shopper’s interest will often be on which red wine is good. But there are still many other wines to choose from. Such as white wine, rose wine, sweet wine, sparkling, …

Comparing wines will make it easier to find the right one. If you are new to wine, you should start with a white or pink wine. Because of the gentle, delicate taste of these two wines that won’t surprise your palates. Or if you need to prepare wine for a formal party. And need to invest as much image as the art of drinking wine. Then Champagne is probably the right choice. Of course, you also need to prepare yourself for the right way to drink wine to add flavor.

Choosing the best wine isn’t just about choosing the right bottle of wine. But also in knowing how to combine dishes that are suitable for each type of wine. White wine with a high acidity works well with seafood, salads, etc.While red wine goes well with spicy dishes like steaks, meat dishes with sauces, etc.

IV. How to rate good wine

Make sure you know how to read wine bottles. Because reading the label is the easiest way to choose a good wine. On the label you will find the manufacturer’s name, grape variety, and year of harvest (vintage). And on the back of the bottle you will find a description of the wine. These descriptions include the aroma and flavor of the bottle. For example, citrus, black cherries, apples, … If you like those flavors, there’s a high chance you’ll love the bottle.

If you are looking to buy cheap wine bottles, easy to drink and not too interested in the brand. Then you can find and buy wine brands under New World Wine. These taste simple, the chestnut price and the label information are clear.

Wine and vintage

If you have some knowledge of wine, as well as pretty much. And looking forward to finding the best wine bottles in the world. Then you will have more considerations on the label.

The year of harvest (vintage) is what you should pay attention to first. The weather and climate are different each year, so the quality of wine is different from year to year. Choosing the right year with favorable weather also greatly aids in the selection of good wines.

In addition, you can also check out good wine reviews before deciding to buy.

V. Buy quality genuine wines at reputable places

After finding a good wine bottle, the next thing you need to consider is the price of the wine.

Currently on the market there are many reputable wine places and very competitive prices. You need to learn carefully about how much red wine costs or how much it costs